The Bumps

The Bumps races take place in Lent Term (Lents) and at the end of May Term (Mays). There are around ten divisions in total and Fitz has on average 4-5 boats in Bumps.

The Bumps are one of the most exiting races on the Cam with divisions of 17/18 crews lining up along the Cam with just one and half boat lengths between each. When the cannon fires, each crew tries to catch the crew in front and ‘bump’ them before the crew behind does the same to them.

Races are held over 4 days and by bumping, a crew moves up a place and being bumped moves a crew down a place. The aim is to get blades by bumping on all four days and avoid spoons (being bumped on all four days). The starting order for day 1 is the finishing order from the previous year and then each day’s starting order is from the result of the day before.





 Listen Live throughout bumps on CamFm.


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