Erg Marathon (42km) for The Brain Tumour Charity!

Dan Smallbone (of NM1 fame) will be doing an erg marathon along with two other Fitz freshers (Paddy Harlow and Nick Stride) to raise money for The Brain Tumour Charity. On an erg, a marathon will be the equivalent to 42,195m.

The Brain Tumour Charity is a cause all three of the guys feel very passionately about and any donation would be greatly appreciated however big or small. The charity is at the forefront of the fight to defeat brain tumours and is a national charity funding pioneering research, awareness and support.

The marathon will be on the 26th February next year and you can donate here.

Christmas Head Results! Heroes vs. Villains

The annual Christmas Head race took place on Saturday 13 December and two mixed Fitz crews took part, racing from the P&E to Goldie Boat House.

The two boats, ‘Fitzmas’ and ‘Santa’s Little Billygoats’, both put in good performances for scratch crews with’Santa’s Little Billygoats’ recording a time of 7:40 and ‘Fitzmas’ 7:51.

Novice & Senior Fairbairns Race Report

Novice Fairbairns (2700km) took place on Thursday 4th December with all five Fitz novice crews taking to the water and Senior Fairbairns (4300km) on Friday 5th December with M1 and W1 taking part.

NM1 and NM2: The ongoing rivalry between NM1 and NM2 came to an epic conclusion as both crews put in fantastic performances. NM1 were at a slight disadvantage having had a late drop out but still came in 12th place in division 1 with a time of 10:58. NM2 however managed to overtake Girton and post a time of 10:49 placing them 9th overall and 9 seconds ahead of NM1 as well as being the second fastest second boat.

NM3: As their first and last race of term, NM3 put in a solid performance in what was an eventful race. With a crab on the build to the start, followed by a crash into the road bridge, a seat falling off, shoes falling off and many more crabs, they managed to post a time of 12:54 placing them 18th out of 45 boats with some solid rowing towards the end.


NW1: Despite last minute boat changes, NW1 had an incredible row with no crabs and no blades coming out of the gates leading to a great effort in posting a time of 12:33, placing them 13th in Division 1.

NW2: NW2 had a good start but then caught a crab near the very beginning. This was followed by an amazing recovery nad restart with a solid row towards the end. All the girls have come a very long way, and held their technique together even when they were tired. With a time of 13:24 then placed 28th overall and were 8th among second boats.


M1: With most of the crew running on 2 hours sleep and caffeine following on from the ball the night before, in combination with the earliest division of the day (who would do that to us!?), they posted a solid time of 15:11 coming in 15th place. This placed well amongst first boats and was up 7 places on last year with around 40 seconds off the time.

W1: With a similar story to M1 in terms of sleep, they put in a great performance to post a time of 17:55, placing them 12th in division 1. This again placed well around first boats and was up 4 places on last year, taking 25 seconds off the time.


It’s been a good term Fitz! With M1 and W1 both winning their divisions in the Winter Head and both posting solid times in Fairbairns, as well as the mens novices dominating Clare Novices and Emma Sprints, it looks like it’ll be a good year!


Clare Novices Race Report – #NMTooGood?

Clare Novices took place on Thursday 27th to Saturday 29th November with three Fitz novice crews entered.

NM1: Sadly due to a few marshalling errors were disqualified from the competition (they did win Emma Sprints though..)

NM2: Entered into the Plate (2nd boats) Division they won the Clare Novices Plate! NM2 beat Emma II in their closest race to kick things off, then Darwin II, FaT III and LMBC II in the final. Strong rowing over both days and they pulled away at the start in each race, so the result was never in doubt in any heat. (Click the hyperlinks to watch their races).

NW1: They lost their first race against Christ’s I but not by far although their bow’s seat had come off at the start so they were rowing with 7!

Emma Sprints Results – NM1 WIN Emma Sprints!

In the Novices’ first sprint races of the term, Fitz had another great weekend of rowing following on from the Winter Head last week.

NM1 came first in their division (M1) and won Emma Sprints! Dressed as Batman and the Joker, they powered past Wolfson, Magdalene, Peterhouse and then Darwin in the final.

NM2 came fourth in their division (M2) beating Wolfson II and Queens’ II, to make the semi-finals, then losing to Churchill II and Homerton I in the third place race due to seat issues with stroke! They demonstrated some great Fitzbilly pride in their costume choice, dressing as Fitz itself.

NW1, dressed as Santa and Reindeers lost their first race against Clare despite a great start and leading for the first two thirds of the race but Clare just had more power and stamina over the 500m. However, NW1 then went on to beat Kings in their second race.

NW2 similarly lost their first race against Selwyn who were a strong crew. The girls were meant to then go on to race a Queens’ mens crew but due to a marshalling confusion (ending up stuck in the bank on the meadowside), finally managed to race a Sidney ladies crew. The race began neck and neck but then 7 (Snow White) caught a crab and stroke caught another trying to help her! They had to stop the boat and got stuck in the bank again with 7 sadly losing her Snow White wig. Following a reset, there was a strong row to finish but couldn’t make up for the lost time from being stuck in the bank.

Next up – Clare Novices this week!

Sadly no Fitz crews were lucky enough to have this happen to them yesterday:

Winter Head Results 2014

M1 and W1 both WON their divisions!!! To add to this, M1 placed joint 12th overall out of 232 crews in a great day of racing for Fitz!

Both NW1 and NM1 had seriously good rows in their first racing events with NM1 placing joint 2nd in their division.

GO FITZ!!! Next up for the novices is Emma Sprints and Clare Novices before novices and seniors both take on Fairbairns!

Click here to continue reading Fitz’s epic success

Queens’ Ergs Results 2014

Solid performances from both NW1 and NM3 who came 6th in their heats. NM1 heat saw NM1 and NM2 battle it out in what must’ve been the closet, most intense inter-college contest the competition has ever seen with a mere 0.3s per person difference in split.

Finally NW2 blew their heat away placing 2nd with one of the quickest second women’s times in the competition!