The Billygoats Society:

The Billygoats Society was established by two far-seeing undergraduate members of the Boat Club in 1948. Its aim is to provide financial support to the Boat Club.

It has been a charity since 1966 and uses its funds to purchase boats and equipment. In the last 10 years it has provided over £67,000 to the Club. In addition, members of the Society contributed about £300,000 towards the cost of the new boathouse opened in 2007.

All members of the Boat Club are subscribing members whilst in residence and all former members of the Club are eligible to join – on payment of at least the minimum annual subscription (currently £10).

The Society manages ‘Billy field’ (Osier Holt) during the May Bumps to raise funds and hosts a Pimm’s Party there on Bumps Saturday.

The Billygoats website is at and you can contact us by emailing


John Adams Fund:

The John Adams Fund was established in 2012 by the Billygoats Society to provide prizes and bursaries to student members of the College who have done most to promote the wellbeing and success of the Boat Club.

More information can be found here.

Membership Form:

Alumni Gallery:

Town Bumps 2017 (July)


Christmas Pudding Races 2016 (December)


Town Bumps 2016 (July)



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