Bumper Novices Update

Emma Sprints: Sunday 22nd November

After a strong Queen’s Ergs performance, Fitz’s first four novice crews put in another great showing in the first Novice Regatta of term.

NW2 defeated all the women’s crews put before them but were controversially defeated by a Christ’s Men’s VIII in the final of the W3/M3 division. The strength of Fitz’s women’s side was then cemented as NW1 cast aside Peterhouse, First And Third, Newnham and finally Selwyn to win the W1 division!

NM2 started strong with an eventful win against a strong Clare NM2, before losing out to Magdalene 2 in the Quarter-Finals. A depleted NM1 then defeated the hosts’ first boat, before themselves falling in the Quarter Finals.

In a normal year this would be considered a triumphant tournament for Fitz, but none of us could predict what we are now faced to compare it to…

Clare Novices Regatta: Friday 28th – Saturday 29th November

DSC_0389 (2)

NM2 followed by NM1 after winning their respective Clare Novices Finals

Five Fitzwilliam Novice VIIIs were entered, four Finals were made, 2 trophies were rowed home.

NM3 sadly lost their first competitive race to a strong LMBC crew, but NM2, guest coxed by the Captain of Boats himself for the first race and their coach and M1 stroke Gautham for the remainder, progressed without danger through to the Men’s plate Final, beating Pembroke 2, First And Third 3 and LMBC 3 by at least 3 lengths each. NM1, under the impressive guidance of new cox Thinesh, followed suit by breezing past strong Caius, LMBC and St Edmund’s 1st crews to secure their place in the Men’s Cup final.

The women’s side, already feared by the rest of the river, showed no signs of taking their feet off the gas. NW2 fought through 3 rounds of tough Downing, Clare and Pembroke 2nd VIIIs to book their place in the Women’s Plate final. NW1 seemed undefeatable as they added the scalps of LMBC 1, Lucy Cavendish 1 and Darwin 1 to their perfect regatta record as they advanced to the Women’s Cup final.

There was always going to be drama. Four crews in all four finals. NM2 began, and in one of the most eventful races I have ever seen triumphed over a fantastic Sidney Sussex crew that will feel they should have won, but failed to take the decisive corner under the railway bridge as we rowed through them for the victory! The crew had just finished parking to witness the second final, as NM1 found their best form for their closest race in which they ultimately defeated First And Third 1, the reigning Emma Sprints champions!

Sadly the miracle could not be wholly complete. NW2 became runners-up for the second time despite giving all against LMBC 2. NW1 also fought their closest race, in which both crews lead for significant chunks, but Jesus 1 won by just a length.

Photos will be up soon, by please follow our Facebook page for quick updates on the rapidly-approaching Fairbairn Cup!


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